great game

User Rating: 8 | Turok X360
Turok is definitely better than most people say it is. Turok is about a soldier named turok who was a former member of the black ops squad led by kane, is now part of a squad called whiskey company, whiskey company is trying to hunt kane down but all of a sudden, their ship is hit, and they crash land on a distant planet roamed by mutant monsters and dinosaurs and the mission changes from capturing kane to surviving and escaping this planet.

The Good: campaign is fun, great graphics, some of the dinosaurs and monsters look really impressive, the knife kills look very cool and they never get old, some really neat looking weapons, and the maps are very atmospheric

The Bad: at times the enemy soldiers seem a little too tough to kill (shooting them multiple times with a shotgun sometimes fails to kill them), the difficulty sometimes jumps from really easy to really hard , and the save locations sometimes set you back further than desired

so overall, what i listed in the bad may look like a lot but the problems listed there are very minor, and my rating for turok is 8/10, i definitely recommend picking it up if you like a good sci fi shooter