Fun Dinosaurs, Frustrating Game

User Rating: 6 | Turok PS3

I bought the game for the dinosaurs and I was satisfied with them. Killing them is a lot of fun, especially with the knife. I liked the idea of a dangerous planet and trying to survive. I don't care about a good story like most others do. For me this is like a stupid Hollywood action movie you watch for fun. I play it for fun, if I want a good story I read books.

But there are problems with the game. The controls are terrible. Turok, a supposedly deadly guy, and an expert killer machine moves slowly. Trying to aim is like both the gun and your hands are drenched in soap and oil as you can't nail a guy 2 meters in front of you. Let's say you have two guys in front of you. You can't get too close and kill them with your knife and you can't use your bow, it take so much time you're dead before you know it. Try getting closer with your shotgun. I emptied my gun and the guys are still standing; they fall then stand up again! I'm like face to face with the guy and somehow miss all my shots before they pump my a** full of lead. And it doesn't help that these guys are crack shots. I mean every shot is dead on on you. The game's difficulty fluctuates between "this is cool, I think I can do this" to "20 guys that can take 55 direct hits and never miss a single shot on you are firing at you at the same time!"

At some point I am surrounded by these guys and I have no idea who's shooting at me - I become their target practice. It's a ten on one fight. I GET FRUSTRATED. I QUIT.

At least I got to kill a T-Rex. and a giant worm. That was fun.