Oh no out of ammo well let's see if I can the dinosaur with my bare hands instead.

User Rating: 10 | Turok: Dinosaur Hunter N64
Turok was the best Nintendo 64 game that I think that has allotted crazy monsters long levels and hard to survive areas in this action packed game. Turok will have you not sneaking up on everyone but trying to survive instead and see the blood come out. The bad thing about Turok is you cannot see ahead of 25 feet from your current distance because this game is so jammed pack it has to set some limitations or it could just crash or freeze up every second. you'll see enemies coming out of the fog allot and see enemies come out of nowhere in a star trek transporter way, (this only happens because you can only fight 4 enemies at a time or else everything would go very slow like moving 1 step every minute). The music in Turok is so well done you think you're actually in the jungle about to be eaten. The controls are backwards in turok it sometimes confuses you when you start up the game the next day, (control stick is for moving your head and c stick is for actually moving around), it's like the controls are built for a left handed person. You have a great time trying to find the keys to unlock the next level in the Turok because each level is so huge you get lost so much you'll get stuck in one level for 8 hours till you get to the next one. Anyways Turok seems to be the very best at everything you can handle.

Overall this game will get you to break your controller to release your anger on that dinosaur.