this game is awesome i couldn't put it down even after beating it when you get bored put in codes and have more fun.

User Rating: 10 | Turok: Dinosaur Hunter N64
turok is a one player game in which you are an indian with a nack for killing sttrange creatures, humans, dinosaurs, and robots. its a great game that like most classics starts you out slow with the basic knife and bow(and arrows).

when you start the first thing you see is the indestructible monkey!!! dont try to kill him he wont die he just runs away and climbs an endless tree and then dissapears. after you run forward a little ways hopefully you are smart enough to find a secret cave in which your first firearm is hiding. congrats you are no just a little bit safer. through out the game you will find keys to other levels. each level desires a different amount of keys.(level 2:3, level 3:4, and so on.) there are eight levels. to get to the eighth level you have to get seven keys, one on each level. with each new level you you get new weapons to find. like the keys to the 8th level there is a super special awesome weapon that has 8 pieces scattered through the 8 levels but dont get too excited once you finally get all the pieces you must be smart with it because you can only use it 3 times. for this gun there are no recharges. thats where codes make this game fun. well im trying not to ruin the game for those who have not been graced with this game's gameplay. so i will see you next time on game review.