Guns, blood, beast's and a s**t load of ammo, what more do you! want!?

User Rating: 10 | Turok: Dinosaur Hunter N64
My first purchase for the N64 and it's sill in my top ten of all time.
Not only does it take a fair amount of time to finish the game, but it also leave's you wanting to play more.

Turok really take's you back in time, from the jungle's and cliff's to the ancient city ruin's and futuristic underground cities. With none stop gun fight's, knife slashing and key grabbing fun and frenzy. with fast and powerful bosses that take more than a few bullet's to put down and not excluding the fact they will also kick your a** more than enough time's before you even come close to scratching em.

The annoying thing about TDH is if you miss any of the key's in any level, then you will have to start from the beginning and look around like crazy to find the little b*****d's.

Apart from that Turok: Dinosaur hunter is one hell of a ride and is still a must for any true N64 gamer.