Time to make Dinosaur's Extinct again!

User Rating: 8 | Turok: Dinosaur Hunter N64
Turok:Dinosaur Hunter is the first game in the series.It was one of the first 3rd Party games realesed for the N64.For it's time along with Goldeneye 007 and Doom 64 it was the start of how First-Person Shooters have gotten much more advanced.Turok 1 still holds up very well even in todays gaming age.The graphics are very foggy like in most Nintendo 64 games.But it gives the game a dark and scary Jungle enviorment.Kinda like something you would see in Jurassic Park.While the fog was their due to the N64's limitations it's still a good.Gameplay is really fun as well.You go around killing alot of eneimies and diniosaur's as well.While looking for some keys and finding certin items as well.The controll in this game can take some time to get used to since you move with the C Buttons and Aim with the Analog Stick.However you will get used to it if you play this game alot.My favorite thing about Turok is that it has a good mix of exploration and killing Dinosaur's and Humans.It's fun to Blow a Dinosaur's Brain out while Exploring a diffrent Area of the game.It gives you a sense of discovery and it's really fun.The weapons are what you expect from a normal FPS as well.Like Pistols,Shotguns,SMG's,Rocket Launchers,A Crossbow and the rest is all from what you expect from a First-Person Shooter.Overall Turok:Dinosaur Hunter is one game you should buy if you own a N64.It's a really fun game and I totaly reccomend it.Really the only 2 problems I found with the game was that the controll is really awkard and their's not even a way to give your direction in the game.You can get lost alot.But really add this game to your collection.