Could of... should of, been more of a challenge.

User Rating: 5 | True Swing Golf DS
This game has almost everything you'd want from a golf game, a good selection of courses, upgrades and all the displays and info you need to make a good shot. Great. It's true the game is a bit bland, doesn't offer much more than the game of golf, no fancy mini-games or challenges to keep you amused here. But for golf fans, this may be enough.
But there is a big problem with this game, and that's the control system. You never seem to have much subtle refinement over the placement of a shot. The onscreen display tells you everything, how much power to use, and on putts, where to place your marker to make the shot. So there is no real challenge there. When u make your shot, its nothing more than drawing a straight line, you can't really go wrong. A few adjustments for wind and lie etc and smack... Simple, almost every time you can hit it well. Putting isn't a challenge as I've said (it's unbelievable when you realise how easy, it feels like cheating), so all in all unless you're a golf novice, this won't test you much at all. I was very disappointed.
It reminds me of Virtua Tennis, sport for idiots (i.e. you can never knock the ball beyond the sideline or backline). This forces the so called 'enjoyment'. But surely with sooo much room for error, the game becomes a chore, and repetitive. Where's the level of skill needed? Yawn. One for 4 year olds or your granddad.