Pretty good! I couldn't believe it. I haven't found to many games that are good on the DS so far, but this one is.

User Rating: 7 | True Swing Golf DS
This is a good game if you just need a short electronic golf fix. Definetly more technical than the other golf games which makes it fresh air compared to some of the other meter golf games games. I still love Hot Shots on my PSP, but in a different comic way.

The graphics are pretty basic, but what can you expect from the DS.

Sound is very good! Well the sound from the golf not nessarily the music though.

The prizes in championship mode are a little lame and the choices for characters is bland, but still it does okay and keeps me occupied.

I hope this game is step in as good direction for better golf games on the DS to come.

I bought this game used and cheap and recommend you do the same. Defintely buy it on sale, which it is in most places.