If you like golf or golf games, this is an underappreciated gem that you could get for real cheap if you look around!

User Rating: 8.9 | True Swing Golf DS
Gorgeous golf courses, good weather simulations, and great use of the touch screen make True Swing Golf a good, challenging golf sim with unbelievable replay value. Players have a variety of custom options for each swing, and the swing itself is completely up to you - no power meters or goofy swing systems here. Club direction and clubhead speed is all determined by moving the stylus. It's very satisfying to hear the impact and to see the shot sail over the fairway. My only confusion is when it comes to outfitting your golfer. I understand saving up money for new golf equipment that will improve your game, increase your arsenal of "special shots" etc. - that's pretty standard. But why am I supposed to spend hundreds of dollars on buying my golfer new shirts and pants? I bought a golf game, not a game of dress up. When I have to decide between new clubs or a polo shirt, well, come on now. It's a silly feature.

Five months after purchasing True Swing Golf, I'm still playing it! The reviews almost scared me off, but I'm glad I didn't let them. This game won't empty the wallet - new, I've seen it on sale for under $20. On Ebay, expect to pay under $10 including shipping!