True Swing = True Fun!

User Rating: 8.8 | True Swing Golf DS
Thanks to Nintendo's new DS download stations, more people are being exposed this game. Having little interest in it originally I never would have bought it if I hadn't first had the chance to try out the demo version, which I downloaded at a local Target store.

The demo gives you nine holes which you can play over and over again, and chances are you will once you get a taste of the simple and pleasant gameplay this title has to offer.

True Swing is not a deep golf sim. Most of the time all you need to do is to swing your club at the ball by quickly drawing a straight line on the touch screen. When putting on uneven greens you may need to make minor adjustments to line up your shot and very rarely you may have to switch from the preselected club choice- but usually what it sets you up with is adequate. The control scheme is accessible and forgiving which really gives this game a sense of fun that many golf games lack.

There aren't a ton of options with this game. You get four choices in single player mode: 1) match play, in which the winner is determined by the number of holes won. 2) stroke play, in which the game keeps track of your total strokes throughout the course. 3) Free Round, which is more or less a practice mode. and Championship, in which you get the chance to basically play a season, unlocking new courses as you progress as well as earning money which can be spent to buy new clothing to stylize the look of your golfer, as well as new equipment that actually improves his game.

The game features a great single card download play system. This includes both a two player game using more forgiving match play rules or a two to four player contest under the harsher stroke play system. Both are limited to a nine-hole contest, however. The multi-card wireless modes are presumably less limited but since I only have one copy of the game I can't say much else on that front.

Another nice feature the developers wisely included is the ability to send a demo version to another DS so that you can share the game with your friends and as long as they don't turn off their system they can play, practice, and hopefully get hooked enough to buy their own copy.

Technologically the game isn't a titan. The graphics and sound aren't going to be winning many awards, but neither are they going to detract from the fun you'll have while playing this fast-paced and uncomplicated golf game.