User Rating: 6.1 | True Swing Golf DS
OK here it goes my wonderful review of true swing.

First of all i would like to say that 35.00 is a little to high for this game but i bought it anyways.

The graphics are great but there just seems to be something missing , no crowd no wind blowing leaves or debris but all in all it looks great.

Now for sound boy did they slump when it came to this department the music is annoying and sometimes the sound effects or crowd sounds like the ohss and ahsss just seem to play randomly.

The gameplay is very unique it is sort of like playing golf for the computer you use the stylus and the harder you move your hand the further the ball goes. all in all gameplay is great.

Now onto the characters their is no big names here just some made up chumps and the customization is lacking big time.

WHY WASNT THIS GAME WIFI???????????????????????

All in all tiger is still better but this is still worth checking out but wait till the price drops.