A fun exciting golf game that I was surprised it was so good!

User Rating: 9.4 | True Swing Golf DS
This game is awesome. I just got it yesterday and its already fun as ever. The graphics are good, but they could use a little tweaking. It snows and pours down rain which will show it up close and you can actually see individual rain drops and snow flakes. The game play was awesome. You start at the line it gives you and pull the stylus upward and you can get a great shots, nice shots, and bad shots. It depends on how fast you hit it and what angle you hit the ball at. The sound always goes with each golf course about were its at. The match mode was fun trying to beat a boy/girl for the heck of it. Championship is the funnest mode though. There are different tournaments. First you have beginner, then pro, then master. I'm only on pro though. You win money by getting good places in the rounds of the tourn. You go to the Golf Shop and buy you clothes, golf gear, and other stuff. Overall this is a pretty good golf game for the Nintendo Ds. (I hope there is going to be a second one.)