A good game that isn't for everyone

User Rating: 7 | True Swing Golf DS
True Swing Golf is a game that is good. Nothing more and nothing less (hence the 7.0). If you want a good golf game then this is the game for you, but if you want a great golf game then look somewhere else.

The graphics of True Swing Golf are mediocre at best. I guess for the DS they are pretty good, but they're uninteresting and wont blow you away. The sound consists of jazzy tunes and is supported with the clapping of spectators or the bounce of a golf ball on the grass. The one place where this game innovates is in the way you swing. On the touch screen the game displays a golf club with various measurements. You touch the club and swing it forward on the touch screen with the stylus. Depending on how you hit it you can slice the ball, and the distance the ball travels depends on how fast you slide your stylus forward.

True Swing Golf isn't for everyone. I found that I became bored after a little while. It has a mode where you can move up in the ranks and buy better equipment. This changes the game play a little and adds a twist to it.

If I were to recommend this game to a person I would recommend it to someone who is patient and likes the game of golf. Thats why it isn't amazing but can certainly be appreciated.