Satisfying gameplay, but tweaks needed overall.

User Rating: 7.8 | True Swing Golf DS
I got true swing golf today. It's a good game, and I want to make a little synopsis on my impressions of the game for anyone that might be interested (gee, I hope there's at least a few). This isn't all that comprehensive, more like a "first 50" type thing.

Graphics: pretty rudimentary. There's nothing outstanding in the graphics dept. For sure, nothing like mario kart. it looks like it was a launch title--which I think it was. I think it came out in japan like 9 months before it came out here. I think Gamespot was a little too harsh on this game because the graphics didn't stand up to current titles. there's no way that it could. Also, you can't see much definition on the contours of the grass, so they compensate by placing arrows all over the place to see how your target area slopes. it works fine, but I'd rather see it in 3D, if possible.

Sound/Music: the music gets boring after a while. I prefer just having the natural sound effects with birds chirping anyway. That's how I play tiger woods for the PS2.

Gameplay: Awesome! I love how you can choose your club, zoom in, put spin on the ball, preview the ball's trajectory with the touchscreen. It totally destroys tiger woods, because you're constantly pressing the shoulder buttons and stuff to do all of that, and to switch clubs. The swing is even better! drawing the quick line is way more satisfying than using the analog thumbpad like on the PS2 + that annoying repeated pressing on the shoulder button to make a power shot. And it's way easier to curve the ball, than with tiger woods. What you can't do, though is spin the ball while in mid-air. You can only do that before swinging.

Features: the game lacks in some important features. the big one is that you're stuck with the same player. I probably still don't know how to choose other players but it sucks that you can't change easily. I think you have to delete your profile. Obviously, you also can't design your own player. So I can't design my crippled old man complete with afro, liver spots, and muttonchops. I can't think of anything else that stands out because it pretty much has everything else: weather, game modes, accessories, and multiple courses.

Overall, I give this game a 7.9. It reminds me of Asphalt Urban GT: it's a good game, but you can't wait for the next one because you know with some improvements this game can be exceptional.