This is one of the rare times that i believe gamespot has made a mistake on rating a game.

User Rating: 8.8 | True Swing Golf DS
This game is a very good golf game but there is something about it that makes it unoriginal. It is rather bland but theres something that also makes me want to keep playing.

GAMEPLAY- It is very fun and the controls with the touch screen are not hard to master at all, you can play with friends with a single cartridge. There are tournements quick competitions and more

GRAPHICS- this game was ambitious on the graphics but it is still a bit lower than i would have expected even the club looks choppy when the character holds it, but over all it was still pretty good.

SOUND- This has some alroght elevator music but it fits well with the game. There is usually abient music around you that is done well also.

VALUE- There are many things to be bought at the clubhouse and winning tournements is the only way to win money so its gots some replay value

TILT- Theres something about the game that keeps making me want to play it!!!

This is a great game, if you like golf i'd highly recomend it!