This game is alright. But lacks alot it's like they rushed.

User Rating: 4.2 | True Swing Golf DS
The true swing is a great golf game. Good Courses, and graphics, but something isn't there. Maybe if they had real coarse, or if the equipment actually made a difference. The pen swing is alright but at first i would accidently touch the far corner of the screen right at impact and it would as i misssed the ball. I think this game was rushed out, and only the starting point of the next game. They could add a great deal of things to this game I would start with fun, and fun mini games. Maybe just throw in little extras, like more customizable characters, and more than four models. A paint your stuff feature, or gernade bomb balls just to blow off steam when your game goes horrorabliey wrong. I'm mean i lost a tournament because i over short a green and landed in the water, this makes for a great realistic feel. But i just want t have some fun.