A game worth checking out if you are a fan of the Golden Tee Golf series.

User Rating: 7.2 | True Swing Golf DS
True Swing Golf is basically a watered down version of Golden Tee Golf. Bland presentation and bad in game graphics just doesn’t give you the experience of you actually being out on the green and becoming a champion.

The graphics are like a low end DS game, the golf courses aren’t very detailed, and the characters are very generic. At times when golfing, it gets frustrating when you can’t tell where you are hitting the ball, you can get a close up view of the course by touching the bottom screen and moving the stylus around but it doesn’t help much since textures aren’t greatly shown.

Generic characters are another problem it seems like your characters always does the same actions over and over again when you do something good or wrong. The characters don’t show a lot of excitement either, even if you have them set to have a “crazy” attitude. An example of this is when you come first in a tournament, he or she just acts the same as if they got 5th place.

Presentation isn’t the best either, instead of showing a quick cut scene of what was going to happen, you get scrolling text on the screen that usually is the same even if you are on a different rank, an example would be “Pro Class Regular Tour: ~championship~ a Championship for both genders to determine the best golfer around. Reach for the top while collecting tour prize money

Well, enough with the graphics, they aren’t the reason to buy the game, the controls are. You control the where and how hard the golfer swings the way you do in Golden Tee Golf. At the bottom screen you can control where you are going to hit the ball, you can move that little checker around to hit it just right and when you are ready to swing you just press a button and the touch screen changes to a top view of grass, a golf club, and the golf ball. To swing you touch the screen go back and go forward like in Golden Tee Golf.

The only problem with the swinging controls is that no matter how soft you hit the ball it always seems to go between 60-100 miles per hour.

One major problem I had with the controls is putting, not necessarily shooting the ball at the right speed, but aiming the ball so that it gets into the whole. Most of the time the game automatically aims the ball so that it goes in but in some greens, it has too much of a curve on it, making you always miss it. You can move where the ball is going to be aimed at but even the slightest movement makes the biggest change on the green, so you have to use the left and right buttons on the d-pad to get it just right, unfortunately your character moves slowly and taking this a little slower than you may like.

Multiplayer is fun, it’s one of those games that you and your dad can enjoy playing against each other. The picto chat feature could have been better though, instead of having it like a regular chat, you can only display one message at a time per person and you can only create four messages before having to delete one, if they could have made this feature better it would help.
One thing that they could have done is made this game playable with more than one player per DS, not everyone has the money to go out and buy a ds so that the whole family could play.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick little golf game to play on the go or are interested in the Golden Tee Golf styled controls, check out this game, considering it isn’t a big lost since you can find this game for under $15 now, but if you are looking for something very detailed like a Tiger Woods game, this would be a bad choice.