Gets you involved in the pirates life by running your own pirate island!

User Rating: 8 | Tropico 2: Pirate Cove PC
Review Text-
This is one of my few older favorites but what caught my eye was the idea that controlling a pirate island could lead to huge amounts of fun. The game play is the standard overview camera angle, which can be zoomed in to see quite decent graphics of the scenery and of the pirates or captives that walk around your island. They factor in happiness of both the pirates and workers so that you must keep both sides happy via different structures like a guard tower or certain actions like free beer or rum! Pirates are automatically sent to a ship that is low on crew and when enough are obtained they may set sail to capture other ships, raid settlements, cause a war, or even steal captives, but all come with a gold price. The variety of ships is good but would have been better if more were included but this game also was made before download content was introduced to gaming so this game is a once over type game where nothing really changes. Same to do with the buildings, great thing is though that to be able to have everything maintain itself micro-management is minimum if at all because things after a while run them self and the only real thing that is needed an occasional look over of things just to see if something is running low and build another farm, etc. Feeding the workers is very important because they do go look for food and will lower happiness exponentially and will crash the Islands economy. The last thing that is wanted is to have poor hungry workers lounging outside the "Pirate Lord Palace" or even rummaging through the secret pirate cove where all the valuables are stashed away! In sadder news minor bugs do plague the game even after the few patches put out, which due to the age of this game leads to the discontinuation of future patches; otherwise this game is fun, classic and will cause a craving for the sequel!