User Rating: 9.6 | Tropico 2: Pirate Cove PC
BUY THIS GAME! IT ROCKS! I was not a very big fan of the original Tropico, got very bored with it, was very buggy, and did not live very long on my computer. I almost did not get this game, but after reading the box, it sounded like it might be fun and I was itching for a new game for quite some time. Well, I was very impressed. The game is very fun, very challenging, and improves on most of the areas that made the last one a bore and frustrating. The one area I wish they would have improved on were the graphics; they seem very out of date. Everything else about the game though is very top notch. I am so addicted to this game. I play it every chance I get. Speaking of which, I am going to play it right now. SHIVER ME TIMBERS!