'Pirate King'

User Rating: 8.1 | Tropico 2: Pirate Cove PC
Hi guys, this is my 4th review hope you like it.I know this game is kinda old but reviews were great so I got it at the Local Bargain store.

Tropico 2 is a fun and colorful game with high replay value.At first when I jacked The disc into my CD-Rom Drive and started the game, a very corny and ugly cutscene was played.I decided to skip it and get on with the game.Another disappointment, the game had this ba,BAD menu.Nevertheless, I started the new campaign.The game started with a nice feel with its finely detailed 2D graphics.Even if its 2D, the graphics are great for a 2D game.In tropico 2, you play as a pirate king and will have to raid seetlements,kill innocent lives,kidnap peole for ransom,destroy entire fleets for booty, and you know, alot more of those fiendish piratey stuff.Being a pirate king means that you will have to handle with all those tough micromanaging. But when you are used to it,the game works flawlessly. Well its cool when you build taverns, restaurents,prisons etc.Micromanaging in this game is tough to overcome. You will have to supply your ships with sea rations so they can depart.And on top of that, you will have to make weapons in order for your ship to depart.Another scenario is lumber.Lumber will have to be cut down and stored in the lumber camp. A courier will pick the collect the lumber and carry it over to the sawmill.In the sawmill,the lumber will be cut into smaller,finer pieces which in turn, gives you resources to build houses, decorative pieces, buildings etc.The same thing goes for rum,beer,tobacco,etc.So to cut a long story short, micromanagement is not easily managable as it requires time, alot of thinking and good planning.The game's engine is somewhat similar to Civcity Rome.The best part of this game is when you look at your city once you think that its good enough.It would look marvellous.You can see people staggering around your town after having a nice round of beer/rum.You can see couriers struggling to carry their various items etc.There is one more thing that is also quite hard to manage,the pirate and captive balancing system.This system is all about keeping bothparties,pirates and slaves happy or they would leave your island. If you have too many gaurds around your town,the pirates would not like the order of your town and would start to leave your town.But if your town has too little order, you captives/slaves would try to escape.But when captives escape,any gaurds around the area would be alerted and would open fire when the escaping slave/captive is spotted.So this game is more of like a balancing act where micromanagement is the key.I hope my review is helpful guys.
Thank You!