decent game, lots of enjoyment

User Rating: 8 | Tropico 2: Pirate Cove PC
having missed the boat years ago.. i managed to find a working torrent of the game (not that i support illegal downloads but if you cant find it to buy... next best thing i guess)

campaign is enjoyable, has a decent story line to it (your trying to make a name for your self sorta deal)

the free build mode is fun and offers lots of replay. plus its funny to listen to the pirates/slaves talk as you click on them.

only downside i have with the game, is captains will tend to sink your best ships... it hurts when you build a gallon send it out on its first mission only to see captain hook just sank it... of course as the game is quite old now, using to-days standards. its not as good as you would expect if it was brand new today. but given its age, and having owned the other tropico's id give it top marks for being unique and enjoyable. if your bored with other games totally give it a try.

or buy the tropico collections ED they are bring out and get it with the other ones. personally i'd say its worth it