THIS is what a fishing game should be!

User Rating: 10 | Trophy Bass 4 PC
Sierra is known for their all-time classic games like the King's Quest series, Leisure Suit Larry series, etc. Their Trophy Bass games are no exception. The 4th in the series expands upon the lake selection, and is basically an update to Trophy Bass 3D as opposed to being a complete overhaul. Nevertheless, this game is a masterpiece. It features real-life lakes, with amazing attention to detail. Lots of species of fish. Lots of lures to choose from (and not just those of a single brand... one can only guess). Great implementation of physics, demonstrating realistic fishing line movement, boat movement, wave movement, etc. I've yet to see a fishing game that gets the physics done right - and this game does it well. In-game videos with real-life anglers giving fishing advice. Full user control of weather conditions, water conditions, etc. The gameplay is pretty good - there are a number of casting types to choose from, and it's not terribly difficult to learn how to manually cast. Auto-casting is a cinch - no problem. The graphics are very '90s - 3D, but grainy and pixelated. They could use an overhaul. The interactive mapping feature is excellent. The 3D modeling of angler movements and so forth are pretty good. The music is nice, featuring unique tracks that go great with the game. Not too country, not too rock - just right. Overall, I love this game. Decades later, it remains one of my all-time favorites. It's really upsetting that Sierra is no longer in business - there was a Trophy Bass 5 being developed but never made it to retail. They did their research. They hired the right people for the job. They paid attention to detail. And they made a fishing game done right. Get it, and enjoy!