less satisfying than wii version (which in my opinion sucked).but more fun than ds (duh!).

User Rating: 6.5 | TRON: Evolution PSP
i got this game and beat it in quite a short time....that's the main disappointment for this game.it's too short and lacks a good story. all you do is play in the grid games which kind of sucks...plus character customizing is a bit too dull.gameplay on the other hand is quite engaging but i hate the reconizers which are a bit too hard....and the tanks!! the light cycles are great and so are the disc arenas and "missions" graphics are not too good(but whdya expect!) but it doesn't make you dont fell like playing it anymore. you will find that the game is quite addictive cause of all the stuff you can unlock .but the stuff you unlock are VERY BLAND!!!:( To new tron fans i suggest the x-box ps3 and pc versions not the Ds or WII ones .this psp platform is also a good game but users shouldn't waste too much time trying to find a copy of the game espeacially die hard tron fans.