TRON: Evolution has three parts, the good, the bad, and the annoying.

User Rating: 6 | TRON: Evolution PSP
For all TRON fans, this game is a big letdown.
But the game does have some good qualities.

The audio is satisfactory, consisting of techno music, repetitive sound effects and Daft Punk's "The Grid".
When enemies get hit, you can hear a "clashing" sound, which is the only sound for enemies.
The music plays for as long as the game is in progress, then loops.
You probably won't notice the loop because you'll be focused on trying to derezz your enemy.

This is what brings the game down, the story.
The story is not all that good, being that the events are prior to the console version of this game.
You play as a program written by Kevin Flynn, Beta.
The game starts off with Tron, being informed that Flynn has written "a new light cycle routine" and he's going to be the first to try it.
After the race with the other programs, referred to by Flynn as "competition", Flynn then tells Tron that Beta finished right behind him, seeing Beta's potential, Flynn tells Tron to organize a game tournament and get Beta in it, and that's where you come along.

The gameplay is another aspect of the game that brings it down.
The entire gameplay revolves around Light Cycles, Discs, Tanks, and Hacking.
There is no "campaign mode" because there is not enough story to support it.
The Light Cycles are divided into three parts, Grid, (which is basically the old TRON lightcycles style deathmatch) Race, (which is pretty self-explanatory) and Arena (which is the modern TRON deathmatch).
The Discs (referred in the game as "Maze") are divided into two parts, Disc Arena, (which is an ordinary deathmatch) and Gauntlet (which is kind of a campaign mode, consisting of goals like "Fight your way across the rooftops and gain entry into the secured complex". The goal is to get the highest score.)
The Tanks, divided by Deathmatch and Zone Control. (which consists of eliminating opponents in the zone and defending as long as you can.)
The Recognizer (which is a shooting gallery and won by getting highest score.)
And Hacking (composed of mixing and matching colored bits and aligning them within a certain amount of time.)
In the Disc mode, you move with the analog nub and attack by either the square for the melee, or circle for the disc attack.
There aren't any combos, so the game is button masher, and you won't find yourself using the disc attack much because enemies get close quickly.
In the arena mode, when you approach a group of enemies, they all team up on you and you die rather quickly.
The light cycles can get annoying sometimes, particularly the race.
The game uses excessive rubberbanding (which means that the game will not let you get to far without your opponents catching up.) in the races, so it can get annoying when you race with Tron.
Tanks can also get annoying sometimes, when you fight Clu.
Clu has the double turret, which means he can fire two projectiles at once, no use taking him one on one. (you'll eventually have to fight him one on one.
You can also unlock Tron, Clu, and Sentry as playable characters in quickplay.

The graphics are pretty good, although you never see them talking.
When the next round of the tournament is unlocked, there is a paper cut-out cutscene in which, Tron gives you words of inspiration, etc.
Since there is not much story, there aren't a lot of cutscenes that are in 3D.
Also, there is a customization screen in which you can customize
your program and change the circuitry, color, and helmet,

Overall, TRON: Evolution is not all that bad, as long as you like button mashing, repetitive goals, and little story.
I finished the game in less than 7 hours, unlocked everything in 2 hours, so if you're bored, this is the game for you.
I'd give this game 6 out of 10, so definitely rent this game.