[6.25/10] While the single player is boring and painful at times, the multiplayer is actually fun and unique.

User Rating: 6.5 | TRON: Evolution X360
Making a Tron game must be a tall order considering that you're really only confined to the virtual realm of Kevin Flynn's Grid, where neon lines and cool blue hues are pretty much the only colors available in a level designer's palette. Tron: Evolution takes you to different parts of The Grid however, scratching beneath the pristine surface to rough hewn craggy cliff faces, rainy precipices and more, but it's all still a bit samey. So, has developer Propaganda Games counteracted the inherent repetitious nature of the scenery with some killer gameplay? Well...

* Audio - 75/100
The synth score is perfectly fine and the soundtrack in general is solid, as is the voice-acting. There's a fine Jeff Bridges impersonation in here and Olivia Wilde does a good job as Quorra, but there's little else of note.

* Visuals - 70/100
Samey vistas are a given since The Grid is a big blue neon landscape, but Propaganda has tried to mix things up with some treacherous parts of The Grid drenched in rainfall as storms rage. Character models look as they should and everything is lovely and shiny, just like in the movie. Ultimately, the graphics do the job and that's about it.

* Gameplay/Multiplayer - 60/100
Fundamentally, there's nothing wrong with how the game plays. The movement is adequate and the combat is varied with special light disc abilities spicing things up, but when you're consistently doing the same things repeatedly with little variation, it gets very tiresome all too fast. There's seven long chapters to endure in single-player and plenty of life in multiplayer if you can be arsed to get into it. And you'll also waste hours of your life acquiring every character enhancement. There's no faulting the game's presentation though.

Lulled into thinking Tron: Evolution might actually be half-decent on first impressions, we feel a genuine sense of disappointment that it gradually turns out to be yet another poor movie tie-in that's fairly unmemorable, repetitive and a bit dull overall. Here's hoping that the movie is infinitely better than this.

TRON Evolution gets a 6.5/10