Offers a small amount of fun for a short time, but lacks anything substantial afterwards.

User Rating: 7 | Trino PC
Gameplay: 3/5
+ In this game you control an alien looking form that can swim around the screen. By pressing a button you place a point on the map, which traces a line wherever you travel next. When you set a third point you have created a triangle, and any enemy inside that triangle becomes captured. Your goal is try to survive, capture enemies in triangles, and eventually close the map shape you are on.
At first you are only allowed three points meaning you can only create one triangle. As you progress through the levels, though, you are able to expand the number of points you can set down and can combo them together if you capture enemies back to back with different triangles.
In order to close the map you must trap certain enemies that have a green colored aura around them. Once they are captured they will drop an item that you must swim over. Every map has a set number of vertices that correspond to these green items. Once you collect enough, then you must swim to each vertex and capture them in order to complete the map and move on.
There are other power ups that you get as you progress throughout the levels including bonus lives, bombs, and the required experience points that allow you to expand the number of triangles you can create. In the final level you can also create shadow triangles which you activate after one triangle has already disappeared from the screen.
The enemies are diverse and each has to be approached slightly differently when trying to capture them. Some are really fast and have to be dodged, others eat your triangles, others have to be captured multiple times before vanishing, and others must be captured with a shadow triangle. The variety and challenge that the enemies offer is actually fairly decent.
There are a few issues with the game, though. The first is that if you get hit then all the enemies on screen will disappear and reset. It takes a few seconds for enemies to begin reappearing on the screen, but it always felt aggravating and the wait was too long. The worst part about dying was that you had to wait a number of seconds before you could even continue capturing enemies. They could have adjusted it somewhat so that the time it takes for enemies to respawn was not as long and annoying.
Also, the controls can be slightly cumbersome at times. Especially with mouse and keyboard. It was too clunky trying to use mouse+keyboard so I finally switched to a controller and things felt better. If you unfortunately don't have a controller then you may find things get increasingly harder in the later levels.
Overall the game was kind of fun and interesting. The progression and diversity of levels and enemies had a decent pace to them. Still, once I beat the last level it felt like the game was kind of empty and perhaps could have had something extra added to make it feel more complete.

Story/Presentation: (N/A)
+ No story here. Though the alien thing you control does evolve after each level completion, there is nothing substantial to call a plot.

Graphics: 3.5/5
+ The graphics are fair. Nothing really big and exciting, but they are decent enough. They are clear enough so that things don't become confusing on screen, but simple enough so that they won't take up a lot of resources on your machine.

Value: 3/5
+ Even though the game is $5 is did feel kind of short. I was able to beat it in 2 and a half hours. You could always go back and compete for a higher score on the leaderboards but I never felt motivated to go that far. If the game goes on sale then you may want to pick it up and try it, but don't really expect a deep and compelling game that will keep you attached to your screen for hours on end.