Trino Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    First 2 triangle combo 2x combo
    First 3 triangle combo 3x combo
    First 4 triangle combo 4x combo
    First 5 triangle combo 5x combo
    First 6 triangle combo 6x combo
    First 7 triangle combo 7x combo
    Connect all CP in first level Artist
    Use the bomb once Awakened
    defeat a triangle sucker Bait and Switch
    Kill 10 enemies with one bomb Bomb Crazy
    defeat a trino avoider Can't Catch Me
    Defeat chapter 2 boss Centipede Stomper
    defeat a triangle breaker Circuit Breaker
    Do each of all the combos (2~7) in one level comboxcombo
    defeat a point eater Crab Catcher
    Set Trino free Freedom
    catch the sushi Freezer
    Defeat chapter 3 boss Fried Octopus
    Use the shadow triangle In the shadows
    defeat a dart Mind Reader
    defeat a shelled enemy Nowhere to hide
    defeat a triangle maker Out triangled
    Kill any boss on first try Perfectionist
    Collect 500points after level ends (before level stat appears) Persistant
    Defeat chapter 1 boss Piece of Crab Cake
    defeat a triangle dodger Playing Hard to Get
    When total score hits 10,000 Score 10,000
    When total score hits 100,000 Score 100,000
    When total score hits 200,000 Score 200,000
    When total score hits 400,000 Score 400,000
    When total score hits 50,000 Score 50,000
    When total score hits 500,000 Score 500,000
    Trap 6 enemies in a shadow triangle Shadow Master
    defeat a multi-shelled enemy Shell Shock
    defeat a seeker Speed Demon
    Make one triangle Triangulator
    Get through a chapter with one life Untouchable

    Contributed by: Guard Master