Wait a awesome RPG that everyone has overlooked sigh me up.

User Rating: 9 | Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll PS3
Despite the lackluster reviews Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll has received I found it to be a deep and rewarding experience with a lot of heart behind it. If it wasn't for Skyrim coming out this would have been my game of the year.

There are enough main characters and side character that are given enough screen time for you to actually know and care about them.

When it comes to graphics its not as nearly up to date as it should be but it is leap and bounds better than Nier, yes I loved Nier and I'm not hating on it either.

The big criticism I can wag against this game in the almost lack of in game voice acting don't get me wrong there is voice acting in the cut-scenes making getting to them more rewarding but it gets aggravating having to trudge through text.

All I can warn you about this game is just don't finish it on a Friday night, I can't tell you why just don't.