Classic Japanese hack&slash RPG

User Rating: 7.5 | Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll PS3
PS2 was the era of jrpg and hack&slash rpg. Unfortunatelly, this generation is not. I really wanted to play a hack&slah rpg as this generation lacks this genre, so I picked this game and I am really happy with it.

If you've played hack&slash rpg's on the ps2, you won't see much difference with this game as it doesn't add any modern elements of rpg's. This game feels so classic and easy to understand the game play and combat system. It isn't an open world game, you have a map and then you choose the place you want to go to. The game is all about quests and you can choose multiple quests at one time. The game lets you switch between 3 characters each character has unique abilities, you can switch between them during combat. I haven't completed it yet, but I heard many people that completed the game in more than 40 hours. The graphics is just right nothing special about it, it stand out well

I like the story and to give a brief with no spoliers, you play as a half human half elf young guy who wants to murder his own human grandfather. Why? I'll leave that to you.

To sum up, I like how easy the system is ( menu, combat, other rpg elememts) and if you miss hack&slash rpg's that were on the ps2, you really then have to play this one.