After numerous Dysnasty Warriors games, Koei and omega Force finaly bring some change with a well executed game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll PS3
As I just recently bought a Ps3, 2011 is bringing a whole lot of game to try out my new console. Among those games is Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll, Sequel, or should I say prequel to the yet forgotten Zill 'Oll Infinite on Ps2

At first look, one would say heh another Koei beat'em up. To those not fan of the genre Koei don't usually bring anything new ever, but this time around we are getting some element that past games have been missing: the real role playing experience.

In trinity you play as Areus, an half elf with a taste of vengeance toward the man who killed his father and fighting with his sword and magic. During his adventure through the gain of power, he meet with Dagda a Strong and huge warrior fighting with his fists, and Selene an acrobatic assassin using daggers. The colored cast bring together the trinity which will allow you to use a powerful attack to finish the most powerful enemies, here is the origin of the name of the game.

The mechanic of the game are quite simple: you are to use 3 character (the 2 other member of your team will join you as the game progress). Each characters have their own ability. Gagda will be able to use objects from the environment as a weapon, Selene can jump higher allowing you reach certain areas and Areus act as the group's mage, being able to use more range ability than anyone else in the group. As you play you can switch at anytime to another character by pressing the right button. Each characters have 2 set of 3 skills, you are able to map the skills as you please and switch between the 2 set when you want.
you will be able to buy skills from the shop as you progress, and also upgrade those skills using sp. you gain sp and xp killing enemies, quest will also allow you to gain xp and will also reward various items and money. The combat work in a hack'n slash way much like other Koei games. when fighting, your team will gain a power bar, when the power is at his maximum you can unleash a powerful attack with every character, this attack has nothing to do with the trinity move. As you progress in the game you have the choice to accomplish side quests or no, Doing so will provide you more xp, money, items, so it is a good idea to do those. You will obviously like in every rpg games be able to equip various items to improve your characters, which you will gain toward quest, killing and from the shop.

A nice addition to the game is the arena. For a fee the player is able to enter an arena fight with objective. In those fight you will have a set time to defeat your enemies. Each of those will reward you with items. you are however able to complete each of them only one time, but if you fail you can keep trying untill you success. Those will unlock as you progress into the game.

I'm not yet over with the game, but I'm impress by the evolution of this game from the usual Dynasty Warrior style that the studio are used to offer us.

The game may be fun but still has some flaws to it. I'd like to first point out the lack of multiplayer, It could have been great to play along with 2 other friends, maybe not localy because this would bring to much camera trouble, but in the internet gaming era, there is not much excuses for it not having online multiplayer,
Some little thing and bugs are a bit annoying too. Character seems to be sharing the skill set. Moving to set 2 on your current character will also move the other character's set, so if you use mainly set 2 on one character and set 1 on the other you will always have to reswap the set also when switching character.
another buggy thing is the targeting system. You are able to focus an enemy which will make the camera follow it but even doing so if you use projectile you arent going to automatically attack this target while the melee attacks do. The game is also lacking any difficulty. When creating a new game, you are to choose between easy and normal. I'm not myself a veteran of gaming, I play a lot of different game but I always lacked the talent to play at higher lvl of difficulty. I started the game with the highest lvl of difficulty available, which is Normal. So far I experienced no problem at all with the difficulty of the game. Some hardcore gamer would probably find it boringly easy. For me the current lvl is just right, maybe it gets harder later in the game but i'm not really expecting it to be more difficult.