The game is good guys.

User Rating: 10 | Trine PC
Well, to start off i would like to say that this game is the best surprise in the year for me. It has been a long time since i played a game so freaking good.

To start, NO patches, serial numbers to copy or internet activation. Tell me how many games do you play without doing that? It was awesome. For me personaly doing this procedure again and again its boring and time consuming. They delivered a polished game. Its RARE.

The game itself is glorious right from the start until the end. The graphics, light effects, shadow effects, fire, water are amazing. Put these all together and this game is a piece of art. All the screen is full of detail if you like to stop and analyse that. I am this kind of gamer so for me it was a paradise.

The controls are simple but brutal effective. Extremely easy to start playing and have fun. The voice acting is truly well done so you had a connection to the story from the start. You want to help them.

Another aspect that deserves a comment is the tutorial of the characters. Fun and short. And it explains why you can play with all three of them together. Just hit the 1,2,3 and you switch characters. All they work togheter to solve the problems they find in their journey. Gamespot clearly underrated this magnificent game. Why? I do not know, but Trine deserves to be among the best games of the year.

The music is another wonderful aspect of the game. The musics composed by Mr. Ari Pulkkinen are suberb. The main theme is phenomenal. It reminds me some bucolical mid age, which fits like a glove for the story. Simply amazing.

The bad? It ends. Please make Trine 2. Buy it. You wont regret it.