This games offers you awesome puzzles, story and gameplay but the boring enemies ruins the game.

User Rating: 6 | Trine PC
A good platformer game with some fairy tail story and three characters, unique in each way. The most time you will spend solving average difficulty puzzles and the hard ones which will drive you mad, because a game physics are frustrating sometimes, so you make a mistakes. The biggest disappointing of characters skills, was that archer couldn't shoot in the air, so combat was less entertaining for me. The mage's problem was when you pull up box or a cage, it was keep spinning, so it was hard to manipulate object the way you want. Controls are very unresponsive, which is a very big problem for a game, where you have to jump a lot. Also there are skill system, where you can upgrade your characters abilities and after that solve puzzles easier. But these annoying skeletons!!! They spawned in a small number and were easy to kill, but it was annoying to wait till they all spawn, one after you kill one, - that's a biggest fail in the game. Music and game theme, atmosphere were ok. Graphics very average. The game could be better, if not all these fails in it.