Good effort

User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
A very good platformer, with nice puzzles. I liked the idea that you had to switch between characters instead of using abilities of a single character. It's no wonder that this game was so popular, considering if you pick it up from Steam it's relatively cheap and has good value for its price.
What I liked:
-very nice graphics, very polished, immersive
-nice puzzles
-game is not too punishing (though you have to come back sometimes to a previous checkpoint)
-nice music
What I didn't like:
-could have used more boss fights and more varied bosses too
-could have been a little bit longer - but I guess that its length was also setting the basis for its price

All in all I am hardly waiting to get Trine 2, which should be an improvement on Trine (for what I've read at least for the bosses part). Trine was for me a game for which you can't wait to get home to play.