Overpriced? Don't be a cheapass, this game is Art Baby!

User Rating: 9 | Trine PC
Smooth as Butter and tastes as good as the sandwiches you ate as a kid whilst playing Mario Bros.

If you have 20 bucks for the game, why not just spend 30 dollars, you will want to play it twice anyways, its such a peaceful lovely experience and will make you smile as you remember your childhood of 2D 1990s greatness.

Certainly one not to miss in this day and age of fast 3D action.

I'm not a geezer, but come on people this is 2D at its best, AAA Indie!
(space filler for word count's sake)
The characters are charming, puzzles are easy, but cleverly implemented, and combat is fun not boring in the least. Hell even the wizard can fight, you just have to man up with your floating blocks.

Exploring the levels is fun if you like collecting experience orbs and maxing your characters powers.

Enjoy enjoy, no need to fill space but apparently I have to because of word count