The video game that defines the meaning of ART

User Rating: 8.5 | Trine PC
As it says on the title, this is the true masterpiece, one of a kind and rare treasure among the video games today out there. This is the game that one day, you remind yourself playing and having this sensation that says "those were the days" with a smile.

Enough said, to review this game after playing for more than a week, I can say that I am totally fallen in love with the beauty of the game.

Graphics: 9/10
The first thing you will notice about this game is the graphics. All theses colorful background, detail environment, (although abit small) very smooth character movement, and overall physics on the surrounding objects make you sometime wonder, if this is the game or is this the dream that you are having.

Sound 8.5/10
Although, its not the music that you will remember for sometime, the overall music is classy and beautiful.

Gameplay 10/10
This is the best part. With a platform gameplay and the twist of puzzle gameplay, you will be immersed yourself into the gameworld itself. There are many ways to solve the problem, smashing your way through using the knight, using the grapple and swinging your way through using thief, or just creating your own bridge by conjuring metal platform using wizard. The possibility is endless and there are more than one way to over come the challenge.

Story 8/10
Although, simple, the story is interesting enough to take you from beginning to the end. The replay value lies on the secrets and experiences vials you have missed during the first play.

Overall 8.5/10
Perhaps, this is the one of those rare gems amongs the pebbles in the game market today that comes up from time to time. Overall, the game looks beautiful and countless hours of puzzle solving await. Recommended for everyone and I'm sure you will have fun playing it for sometime.