User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
Reminds the good old time when we were kids and gathered around arcade machines watching the great graphics of that time.
Especially if you're bit old and lived at 80's you will remembered some great arcade titles like Ghost & Goblins, or Ghouls, etc.
Its been to long and almost forgotten that kind of game and its great pleasure to see this kind of reborn.
A key element is the Music. With one word: AMAZING..
Like a Fairytale.
It is a game that you are going to play without having pressure of what to do and do it the right time or whatever. Just lay back have a cold drink and relax. All the other will follow...
Characters are extreme fun to play with unique abilities each of them and thats one big advantage of TRINE.
Some nice but simple RPG stats is a nice addition and give extra fun.
The difficulty level is just right without being too easy or too hard although there are difficulty level options.
A perfect choice for your holidays !!
With one word: Go for it.