This platformer is surprisingly good! Clever puzzles, interesting gameplay and gorgeous visuals, make this a classic

User Rating: 9.5 | Trine PC
Trine is a beautiful platformer, with gorgeous visuals, really well used physics engine and reminds the classic games of the past. The game is not complex, and the story is simple too, but Trine is very addictive and fun, even if in the beginning it doesn't seem anything special. It has clever puzzles, which can be solved only through the use of all 3 characters, which is refreshing and adds some replay value. It is very polished, and my only complain is the difficulty to configure and play with a gamepad (even though this has been patched now). The co-op gameplay (which was the primary reason I bought it) is really, really fun. There's no online gameplay, and the co-op experience is entirely local. An instant classic. I'm mainly a FPS/RTS player, but "Give back to Ceasar what is Cesar's", a Score of 9.5.