Just pure fun,if you ignore the price tag.

User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
Trine comes as a surprise and a refreshing break from all the heap of FPS, RPGs and RTS.
My Trine campaign easily took a week to complete reason being I only spent 2 hours max everyday including 1 hour thinking "why am I even playing it" coz I've been a bit choosy when it comes to game types (never liked side scrolling games and fps)

In spite of the genre, what kept me going through each and every level of this gorgeous piece of work was the sheer amount of detail that was put into the environment and the characters; everything from a small health potion to a giant skeleton was modeled and textured with precision. The artwork is a driving factor for the game (if you care to notice).The animation was commendable, as the three protagonists moved, swayed and reacted in pretty decent manner. The physics engine is also worthy of praise, almost all the objects in the game felt like they followed the rule of physics and their behavior was authentic

The shortcoming would include the recurring enemies and boss battles, some frustrating moments at the starting, the game length (10-20 for me 10 or less if you just want to complete the game) and yeah the price tag.

The game had been fun for me for the first time but it felt even better when I replayed it. I could get over from one puzzle to another in minutes compared to what seemed like hours during the first session

Don't expect variety from this game because this is supposed to be a subtle game that appeals to most. Trine offers a welcome relief to those who just want to have few hours of pure unadulterated fun.