This is a great game to sit with friends and try to finish. And, posibly, finish the achievements.

User Rating: 8.5 | Trine PC
Trine is a fairy tale. Yes. So the history OBVIOUSLY won't be any Bioshock or Final Fantasy. But the game is pretty funny, and fits on the "Hardcore" style and on the "Casual" style. And the most fun thing of the game happens on the multiplayer, where even if you play with other two hardcores, you will laugh from your mistakes and sometimes kill your buddies (intentionally and without any intentions).
But the graphics are cute. So do NOT expect blood (I don't even know HOW, because you're enemies are actually Skeletons). The fun 3D makes playing even more enjoyable.
The gameplay with the Keyboard is really easy, but the GamePad is a little more difficult. And you cannot avoid it forever, cause the Player 2 and Player 3 need to play with GamePad.
In resume:
The game is cute and great. Enjoying is easy, but it won't make you stay in front on PC for long time.