Trine is a really addictive fantasy adventure game wich will provide tones of fun to his players.

User Rating: 8.5 | Trine PC
I first tried the demo version and i was surprised in a good way by this game wich already started to look like a great success so i decided to buy the full version. The game is very intuitive and you don't need much time learning how to play the game even tho the game complexity has given me some problems later on. You start the game in a fantasy world with some really nice graphic details with three characters to choose from: a mage, a warrior and an archer(rogue)...each with his own abilities wich you will discover later in game. You advance thru the game levels by killing those nasty undead monsters and and by passing obstacles. The game is preety much straight forward....the only regret i have is that it didn't took me lot of time to finish the game and i would have liked to last longer...the "medieval" soundtrack is also a big plus in the game. Overall Trine is a great game specially for action adventure genre fans (like me). I think you should give it a try coz you won't regret it! ;)