Great concept, poorly executed.

User Rating: 3.5 | Trine PC
Poor and inconsistent physics engine make what should be an awesome game, a chore. And this inconsistency makes the game difficulty better left in the Nintendo days.

And more than once, when you push or pull a lever and the games camera cuts to a door or floor opening the lose control and view of your character and any enemies have free reign to easily kill you. After the 3rd time of this happening, I was done. Its only, but not sufficient saving grace is that you never really die as when one of your characters dies you just revive them at a check point, and if they all die, you just restart at your last checkpoint. It makes me wonder if they did that because they knew if they didn't, their game would have had more abysmal reviews.

Them not fixing this glaring issues and just moving on and making Trine 2 speaks really poorly of the programers. Because all that says is they wont fix that games problems either.