Trine makes your childhood fantasy world come to life in a tiny but enjoyable package.

User Rating: 7 | Trine PC
Do you remember the bedtime stories your parents used to tell you when you were a kid? The ones about brave knights and enchanted forests. Do you remember how you imagined the world they lived in?
Chances are Trine will be the perfect resemblance of that fantasy world you imagined when you where a child.

Trine is a mini RPG/Platformer that puts you through a series of 15 missions solving pyshics based puzzles and killing undead. Trine's story involves and Wizard, Thief and Knight who, by accident, have their souls bind to an artifact called the Trine. In order to break the Trine's spell they need to recover a series of artifacts and free the kingdom of the evil undead along the way. The story isn't anything out of the ordinary but is told well through a narrator and the characters themselves.

Trine's visuals are absolutely breathtaking. From enchanted forests to castle keeps and dark caves everything looks great and has a whimsical fairytale feel about it.

The physics based puzzles are fun but not particularly hard. The Wizard is able to conjure various objects allowing you to build a solution for almost any obstacle.

Completing the 15 mission in Trine will take between 5 and 7 hours depending on the difficulty setting you use. There are no direct incentives to replay the entire game again, some puzzles can be solved in multiple ways and with the solid and fun physics engine it definitely not punishment to go around again and try solving different problems in other ways.

Trine's only real downside is it's price, at 20,00 $/€ for about 6 hours of gameplay it's not exactly cheap.
If you love platformers Trine is definitely a bite sized game worth checking out. Whether you're young or old you'll enjoy the fairytale atmosphere and beautiful graphics.