Such a inconsistent and frustrating game, yet I liked it?????

User Rating: 6.5 | Trine PS3
Trine has a unique charm about it. It will impress you, yet disappoint you. You will love it, yet hate it. There is so much to be frustrated about in Trine, but you will still think it's fun.
It's a fun game to play. I had fun with it, but the game's flaws far out number the good.

Trine is a sidescrolling adventure game where you play as 3 characters. A knight, a rogue, and a mage. The knight does you hand to hand combat, rogue is used for hookshotting and bow and arrows, mage is used for figuring out puzzles and creating planks and boxes for platforming. I didn't pay to much attention to the story because it seemed bland at most anyway. The storytelling leaves a lot to be desired too. Gameplay feels fine and all but the physics in Trine will make you want to punch the tv and pull your hair out. Have fun trying to get anything not to spin when levitating it.
I'm playing Trine 2 and loving it right now. They fixed all the flaws in #1, and pumped up the graphics. Trine 2 makes 1 obsolete, so skip #1 and just buy #2.

The good:
1) Fun combat with the knight.
2) Graphics are top notch.
3) There is a certain charm about the game that I just cannot put my finger on. I love this game, but hate it. It's a weird relationship with Trine 1.

The bad:
1) Phucking terrible physics. This is the most p.o.s. thing about this game and it really pisses you off royally.
2) Only 2 enemy types. All you fight are skeletons and those p.o.s. bats. Phuck I hate bats in Trine 1.
3) Unlimited spawning on enemies. Sometimes it feels as if enemies just spawn FOREVER and it just doesn't make sense. Last thing I want to do is sit in one spot and kill 1,000,000 skeletons in a row.
4) Bats. They spawn over and over again and you just cannot kill them all without getting your health shafted.
5) Physics
6) Bats
7) Physics
8) Bats
9) Physics
10) Physics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!