A beautiful 2D adventure that shines with craft, and a nicely told story that will draw you into an innovative universe

User Rating: 9 | Trine PS3
Trine is a 2D platformer, and with that comes many puzzles to solve in order to progress further. Trine captures that almost perfectly. Not only are the physics well thought out in very realistic fashion, but the beautiful graphics and visuals of Trine's fantasy universe will certainly capture your eye in each level.
You start off by taking control of each of the game's protagonists individually, getting a little preview of their abilities, and getting into the hang of the controls. But then they all meet at a treasure-like stage, and when they touch the magical object at the forefront, they become one. 3 people that can be used at any time by a click of the button, each with specialties needed for the various situations you end up in.

The Thief - Can swing from wooden surfaces using her grappling hook, and shoot arrows with her bow.
The Wizard - Has the ability to create and levitate objects, mainly for puzzle solving, but also can be used to crush enemies.
The Knight - Your main fighting character, who has a shield to block and a sword to attack.

Each character can upgrade their abilites upon gaining a certain amount of experience. These green bottles are gained by killing enemies, but most are found lying around somewhere in the level. Some are well hidden and test your abilities to reach them, but can also test your patience if you do have trouble reaching it. Secret treasure chests are also in every level, and these are even more secretly hidden, but well worth your time when you do find one.

The wizard, for example, creates boxes, and with upgrades, can create more at a time. The creation and levitation of objects isn't free though. You have a blue magic gauge for each character, and if you run out, from struggling at one of the platforming sections, it can only be replenished by reaching a future checkpoint, or by returning to a previous one. There are some things which can turn in your favour though, as some enemies tend to drop blue phials, which replenish some of your magic for everyone.

There are 15 beautifully crafted levels in Trine each one looking different to the next. For a 2D game, the graphics really are quite something to marvel at, and these moments are what keep you engaged from the very first parts of the game. There is also a nicely told narrative story, which happens in between levels, giving you an insight in whats in store next, and also updating you on the story.
Now to the combat. The enemies you encounter are mainly the undead type. Skeletons with equipment such as swords and shields and bows. Relatively simple to take out in the first stages of the game, but as you progress, you come across more enemies at a time, and much more challenging to kill. The Knight is your main source to killing them, as you can block, then swing your blade. It is simple, yet still fun, and this is what you'll be doing for the majority of the game.
The music is also brilliant, and certainly captivates the atmosphere perfectly in every level.

Story - 3/5
Characters - 4/5
Gameplay - 4/5
Controls - 4/5
Graphics - 4/5
Sound - 5/5
Length - 3/5
Replayability - 3/5
Atmosphere - 4/5
Enemy AI - 2/5

Good Points: Nicely told narrative story, Beautiful graphics and level design, 3 characters to control at any time each with unique abilities, Music captivates the atmosphere perfectly, Simple yet enjoyable combat, Some fantastic physic-based puzzles and platforming sequences, Well spaced checkpoints.

Bad Points: Enemies aren't too clever, Some parts can be tricky.