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User Rating: 10 | Trine 2 PC
I have nothing more important to say that I am really sorry for those gamers who did not have the opportunity to play this game in stereoscopic mode.

Everything excels in this game:

Level Design
Acting Voice
3D compatibility

Literally I have played hundreds of games for decades and reviewed a couple dozens. Mostly the ones that I have enjoyed the most. I have given to very few games a 10 and despite other gamers reviews (forget about gamespot) I do not hesitate to score 1o to Trine 2. In particular this sequel of Trine has more powerful weapons and the ability to use spells without limitations. More action and challenge as well as better puzzles. I hope Trine 3 would bring a little more of punch on weapons and more actions. It would be interesting to see a Trine version in 3rd person. If Orcs must die was a great game I am sure Trine can make it too.