Explosions, explosions everywhere

User Rating: 10 | Tribes: Ascend PC
Tribes: ascend has brought back my love of shooters. Fast paced, competitive and fun. This is a huge change up from Battlefield and CoD, back to the time where you need fast aim, reflexes, timing, and skill. If you cant aim and think quickly, stick to another game as you will get torn up. The pathfinder and infiltrator are my two used classes now, the first for zipping around at 250 km/h being uncatchable with the flag and the second for putting some throwing knives in someones head. The large but pretty barren maps may disappoint some people but it is all about your personal skill and allows room for speed and tactics. It is completely free to pay, nothing must be bought, although it will take some time to get all the unlocks that way. I personally bought the steam starter pack for $10 which gives you a permanent %50 exp boost, 2 classes, and some weapons. There are also daily deals which discount things by %70, a good option to only spend a little bit but unlock more. It is a great deal and I have found that they did a good job with balance. Nothing sticks out as OP; you will do well based on your own skill, classes and weapons just give you more options. Give it a try, its free and the sense of speed is unlike most modern games.