User Rating: 9 | Tribes 2 PC
Tribes 2 is by far the best online competitive shooter I have ever played. There are simply too many amazing elements to mention in one review, so I will not even get to half of the things that make this game great to play online. The thing that really makes this game fun is its ability to offer you an endless amount of possibilities of gameplay. The main type of play is Capture the flag. In most other games, you would choose to either capture the flag, or defend your flag. In Tribes 2, there is so much more in CTF than just the flags and they DO matter in order to get that flag back home safely. There are massive bases that contain generators that you can attack or defend. There are turrets in the field that can utilize or even put more turrets in the field to help defend you base/flag. There are 6 vehicle types that further strategy and fun, and make it easier to travel on those real large maps. Add to all of this, the selection of so many types of great weapons that you can choose to use in your loadout. Add to this, packs that further augment your character's role in helping your team win. Add to this, 3 different armor types along with 5 different grenade types. And then add to all of this, so many different kinds of maps that contain things like seneors, sub-bases, insane ski routes, and so much more. I have vaguely described just a little bit of the things in Tribes 2, but do not have the time nor the patience to really type EVERYTHING out that is in this game. It is so much fun and so open ended that I have played it for the last three and a half years and am still liking every minute of it whether in a public server or in a competitive match. Best online shooter of all time is simply and understatement for this game!!!