Man... (Melancolic Pose.) I believe you can love Tribes more than your own girlfriend. Oh yes i do.

User Rating: 9.6 | Tribes 2 PC
Tribes.. Heroism... honor.. courage. I probably had my best gaming time with tribes ever. The only game able to reach an almost similar importance in every day life of my school-age maybe was counter-strike beta 5.7 during a 4 week holiday being home alone. But only almost. o.O

*Sigh*.. Man you have to treat tribes well, or it will make you eat some really disgusting dirt. (Like a GF)
It was fantastic being able to perform sniperkills over a distance of about
5-600m with a horribly low visibility distance and average FPS of about 19 to 30 FPS. (My Reverse Sniper Script, to Release for a shot, instead of pressing was awesome. - Similar to the TFC Sniper.)
Although sniping becomes so easy and devastating pretty fast if you are a skilled and fast aimer. So i soon switched to other playstyles:
Cloaking around in the enemy base, bashing the generators causing panical chaos and confusion.
Or simply flying around Equipped with Chaingun, Grenadelauncher and the old but reliable Disclauncher smashing enemy faces to rock-solid mountain sledges after multiple Mid-Air hits.

"Woooohoooo! Is that the best you can do?!"


Yes. The vehicle physics were bugged and killed you often if you didnt know exactly how to fly by the enemy flag. But the game was still awesome.

The best part about this game was probably, that for a Mid-Air Disc hit with both Parties moving in the air horizontally, you absolutely need to aim forward for about 3 or 4 centimetres to make it happen. Generally there was no way a noob could Finish you consecutively because you really need Experience and Skills for this game. (Unlike Trendy Games like Counter-Strike etc.)
This is also the reason why people playing crap games like Delta-Force 1+2 to DF: Extreme really stick to it. (Like a mate of mine.) Because its simply a brutal intimidation for your adversaries. ;) Muahahaha.

The mods for Tribes 2 were absolutely GREAT! too. Team Rabbit 2 for instance. A Soccer-Like Mod with Styles, Moves, Combos etc. (Very hard to manage too.)

And last but not least. LAK-Rabbit! WOW! My all-time Favorite Considering FPS Freakage.

Depending on your weapon, distance, angle and speed you get specially calculated points for Mid-Air Hits against the Flagcarrier (Or your "Followers").

What a fast-paced Modification. Its an awesome feeling flying around with about 12 Enemies all closely to your Tail with, Grenades, Discs and every possible Arsenal flying by your "Camera". Phew! "Man why is my heart pounding so hard.. how the f4ck should i be able to aim like this?!"

No Online Multiplayer FPS will ever beat the Feeling when you hear your Co-Players Cheer after you hit the Flagcarrier flying at a height of 350m about 800m meters away from you with a MID(!!!)-AIR(!!!!!) Disc!!!!!

Believe me the Screenshots of a 1-2 pixel big enemy in far distance looked awesome. And i even had it on a Demo-Recording. Sadly those Harddiscs are Corrupted, but maybe i will achieve to get that Data back in place some day.

This game is a blast.