Trials Evolution focuses on physics, fun and skill.

User Rating: 9.5 | Trials Evolution X360
The sequel to Trials HD improves on every aspect that the first one lacked. One word to describe Trials Evolution: awesome. Awesome as in being explosive, challenging, out of control craziness! The single player portion of the game lets you choose from many tracks, all with different themes and difficulties. The money you earn by completing tracks can go towards your bike or character. Customization has had a bigger influence on the sequel then its predecessor. Character customization is what you'd usually expect. You can change the riders helmet, shirt, pants, gloves, and shoes. The map editor though, is something entirely different. In this portion of the game you can pretty much make anything you want. From simple tracks to complex tracks. There are two ways to edit your maps in the game. The Lite editor let's you easily create simple tracks. The Pro editor is where the magic happens. In this you can make maps with twists and turns or first person shooters that have you fighting your way through zombies while trying to escape a burning city. Once you've made your map, you can then upload it to the in game track server. Where anybody can then download, rate, or share it with their friends in multiplayer. Multiplayer is an intense race to the finish. Up to 4 people can join a race through XBOX Live side by side to one another, or right next to each other in a local race. So is this worth your time? Yes, yes it is.