This game is amazing! I played Trials 2 on PC back then and this is even better. I really love this game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Trials Evolution X360
This game is just awesome. It does not matter if you played similar game before or if you are newbie to these games. Graphics are excellent and physics are brilliant.

I have played many similar games before ... even Trials 2 on PC. And I really enjoyed this genre even if sometimes I raged because of some really hard part of the track.

Difficulty is just right. You start at tracks for newbies, which even monkey can finish. And it is getting harder and you collect medals in order to unlock new tracks etc. Sometimes you have to repeat the level for better medal to unlock new series of tracks. In the end of the game you will die like 50 times in one level, because it is really hard sometimes in higher levels and you have to be careful with gas pedal button. There are some really funny challenges too, but I will not spoil them.

When you finish campaign, you should definitely download some more tracks made by other players (yes, there is great level editor for beginners and other for pros with many possibilities and challenges to create). Then you can try multiplayer with your friends for up to 4 players (all 4 at the same time on one level next to each other)
Achievements and some unlocks (like T-shirts) for your avatar are good too.

All in all everyone should definitely try this game, because it is great entertainment for either newbies or pros.